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website localization and translationOur company has over 10 years of experience translating and localizing various websites into foreign languages such as Spanish, French, German, Japanese and many others. Unlike other providers of website translation, we offer a complete website localization solution that includes content translation, web page optimization (for top rankings in foreign search engines), database translation and management, ongoing support for all future translations and simple, one point maintenance. We provide the following translation packages for websites:

Value Translation Package (good)
Basic Translation Package (better)
Comprehensive Web Translation Package (best package)

The packages have the following benefits:

Value Package

This is the most affordable translation package that we offer. It only includes a cosmetic content translation of the website. You send us the webpages you need translated, we return them back translated. No alterations are made to design layout (foreign text can distort the page greatly after translation) and no maintenance support is offered. We recommend this translation package only for small, straight forward websites such as personal pages or simple blogs. For business websites, we recommend using at least the basic package, described below.

Basic Package

This is the most popular translation package for business websites, blogs or portals where return on investment is critical. We translate your website fully, including all content, META tags, and JavaScript. If it uses any database driven functionality, we will translate that as well so the foreign website can function in the same way as the original English version even after translation. You also get one month of technical support (email and phone) free with this package.

Comprehensive Package

This is the ultimate translation package for any mission critical website. It includes a full translation of the website, including: Content, META tags, JavaScript, dynamic menus, forms, databases, and database driven content (PHP/MySQL/Perl/Python/.NET). It comes with 3 months of free technical support (email and phone). The main page is optimized for any 5 keywords (other pages available). The translated website can be hosted on your server (more maintenance on your part) or on our servers (virtually no maintenance on your part). Additionally, a special web spider is deployed which allows us to track all the changes you make on the English version of the website. Using that, we can update all the foreign pages much more quickly. You won’t have to worry whether your foreign version is up to date or not, as we will track that for you.

If you are curious to see how professional translation is superior to machine translation, please check out this Translation Estimator. It’s not 100% accurate, but it can give you some insight into the differences between machine and professional translation. However, if you are still not yet convinced that your website needs professional translation, feel free to download our superb free translation button and use it until you decide that you are ready for a professional translation!
What file types do we work with?

JAVA and JavaScript