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Software LocalizationDynamix Translation now offers professional translation services for video and computer games. We can partner with your software development company and do outsourcing jobs pertaining to localization of your video games. It could be PC or video game consoles. We offer localization services for all major European languages such as Spanish, French, German, English, Dutch, Russian, Portuguese and others. By partnering with us, you can outsource some or all localization tasks to us and focus on what your company does the best, i.e. core business. We do not outsource video game production any further than the text needed for translation. We keep all files with our in-house team, so the quality and security of output is ensured.

Since video games are an entertainment medium, there are some special needs to consider when localizing them for sale in other countries. The most obvious requirement is to accurately translate all the text and voiceovers to correctly present the content of the game. Players will be removed from the entertainment experience if the translations are incorrect or do not reinforce the feel of the game. Dynamix Translation team ensures that the localized game content is presented in the target language accurately. The translation is done right the first time, every time.

As international markets become larger, developers are paying closer attention to the quality of localized versions of games. Instead of treating them as an afterthought, developers are now planning for localized versions earlier in the development cycle. At Dynamix Translation we can help you produce high quality, localized games in the following areas:

  • Translation
  • Localized Voiceover Recording
  • Asset Integration
  • Linguistic Testing

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Video games are a software product, and as such, they will have manuals and instructions, as well as interactive menus and help files. This will call for technical translation, and with years of experience handling technical translations you can be sure Dynamix Translation is qualified to handle the job.

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On the other hand, we also keep narration and dialogue closer to literary texts or film scripts where a more creative translation would be expected. However, unlike most forms of translation, video games can adapt or even change the original script, as long as it is in the search of enhanced fun and playability of the target culture. We can only find a parallel of this type of practice in the translation of children’s literature where professionals often adapt or alter the original text to improve children’s understanding and enjoyment of the book. Dynamix Translation  employees professional voice actors of only the highest caliber to ensure your vision of the video game is translated accurately for the target language.

A typical video game localization follows these steps:

  • Extracting the user interface elements
    A localization engineer analyzes the program source to locate all translatable elements and prepare them for translation. A typical application includes many types of text elements —strings, menus, commands, and dialog boxes— but also bitmaps, icons, and even sound or video clips. During the analysis, we also verify that there is no “hard coding” left, that all the interface elements have been separated from the code, and that any concatenation is clearly marked.
  • Rebuilding the original interface
    During the analysis, we rebuild the entire user interface to verify that all the elements are available. We also verify that the installation module and all other on-line elements have been considered (demo versions, on-line samples and tutorials).
  • Building pseudo-translated application
    Software localization usually takes place during the last stage of the development, when the original product is undergoing final revisions. To verify that all internationalization guidelines have been followed, we can quickly produce a pseudo-translated version of the user interface. This version is tested by the QA division to locate potential problems and address them before they affect the localization process.
  • Preparing the translation kit
    Each element of the user interface is prepared according to the tools that will be used by the translators. Translation memories are applied to the text elements to leverage existing translations and increase the consistency between different products from the same family.
  • Translating the user interface
    Our software translators use industry-standard terminology and client specific glossaries to achieve a high level of acceptance within the target market. During the translation process, they work with the engineering team to ensure that the locale conventions are followed.
  • Resizing the dialogs and other UI elements
    After translation, a localization engineer resizes the dialog boxes and verifies that all elements of the new user interface display correctly.
  • Building and testing the localized application
    When all the resources have been resized, the application is compiled and a team of language testers verify that the translated interface is accurate and displays correctly on the localized version of the operating environment.
  • Delivering the localized application
    When the localized interface has been tested and all the last minute changes incorporated, the localized resources are delivered to the client. Our entire team stays “on call” and fully available to ensure a smooth product release.

Dynamix Translation engineers can localize your video game on most platforms including:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Sony Playstation 3
  • Microsoft Xbox 360
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Mac
  • Solaris/Linux
  • And other handheld gaming devices

Dynamix Translation is a reliable language partner you can trust.